Chafing Dish

Stainless Steel

chafing dish chafing dish

  • 22.0″ (558 mm) Long
  • 13 7/8″ (353 mm) Diameter
  • 18 lbs. (8.2 kg)

Chafing Dish contains two interior serving dishes:

  • 12 3/4″ (324 mm) X 10 3/8″ (264 mm)
  • A water dish that doubles as an oven baker:
  • 21.0″ (532 mm) X 12 7/8″ (327 mm)

Chafing Dish is great for:

  • Large Special Events
  • Holiday Gatherings
  • Picnics
  • Tailgate Parties
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays

A chafing dish is a multifunctional serving device mainly used in catering, buffet setups, and elegant events to keep food warm and appetizing for extended periods. Often constructed from stainless steel, though sometimes found in copper, brass, or other decorative materials, it consists of several components:

  1. Water Pan: This is the base layer of the chafing dish. It contains water that, when heated, provides the steam necessary to keep the food in the dish above it warm.
  2. Food Pan: Situated above the water pan, this is where the food to be served is placed. It’s designed to hover over the water, benefiting from the steam’s heat without direct contact.
  3. Heat Source: This can be either an electric heating element or, more commonly, a gel or alcohol-based fuel canister that is lit to provide the necessary heat. This heat warms the water in the water pan, turning it into steam.
  4. Cover or Lid: Chafing dishes typically have a hinged or removable lid that keeps food protected and retains heat. Some have a transparent top for guests to see the contents, while others are solid, often with an elegant handle for easy lifting.
  5. Stand: This elevates the dish, making it easier for guests to access and serves as a holder for the heat source. It often comes with handles on either side for easy transportation.

Designed to be both functional and elegant, chafing dishes are an essential part of many formal dining experiences. They ensure that food, whether it be a creamy pasta or a delicate stew, remains at an optimal temperature, enhancing both the taste and the overall dining experience for guests.

The 2 receptacles for using Sterno®, heats water contained in the main chafing dish, which keeps your food piping hot and enjoyable for hours.

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